Yugoslaviaball/PolskaLitwa is the current owner of CBRP, and a former mod. He's proud of being Australian.

In the beginning, he was a player of PBRP. Often times, in 2017, he would join the game hoping it was active. Most play sessions were approximately 3 hours.

After a while, he started making customs to use in PBRP. He didn't realize there was anti aliasing in PDN at first, so most of his morphs were of low quality. (and garbage)

While playing PBRP, he was directly promoted to Moderator by Salih1. For a short while, the community generally accepted him.



VaskoDimitrov, VladPisces, Bartek, CBRP community


HHAAQ, Salih1 (sometimes)

Position during the Bane Conflict, and The Great Anti-Communism War of PBRP

East vs West

During the revolt, he decided to side with Salih, and tried his best to maintain an independent PBRP. His role in the grand scheme however, was insignificant.

The Great Anti-Communism War of PBRP

In the start of the conflict, he sided again with Salih1. He was online when the server was retaken by Salih, and started putting up the unofficial flag of PBRP. However, he had to withdraw out of the conflict due to CBRP and his autistic tantrum.


About a week into the Great Anti-Communism War of PBRP, his moderator was stripped about 3 times. It WAS possible that he could've gotten it back, by playing it safe and simply asking for it back, but instead he decided to seperate and start his own game with VaskoDimitrov and Kezban (who turned out to be Salih)

While in development, presumably Kezban or VaskoDimitrov built a cross with Israelcube on the front. Yugoslaviaball assumed this was Jesus, so it stayed in the game, even after people started associating it with Salih1. It was removed a week before the game died. It only got 1000 visits.

Limbo inbetween games

After the collapse of his amateur game, he quit ROBLOX for 1-2 weeks. He started a poll to return, and it was majority in his favour (keep in mind only 3 people voted). Then, he got in contact with VladPisces and started helping him develop his game. He stayed there for 3 months, before throwing another tantrum and leaving.

He left again, this time because there was nothing to do. After coming back, he decided to aid Vasko with Polskaball, before abruptly becoming huge rivals with him. Raiding his game got boring for Yugoslaviaball, in his own words, so he decided to come back to VaskoDimitrov


Now, he split off from Polskaball, rebooted CBRP three times, and is now vouching for peace, because PBRP isn't a ro-nation.

made by yugoslaviaball/polskalitwa because i am directly responsible for vaskos game