Admin are strict and negative

Do something unpleasing, and you will be banned on sight. They will bully you. They will hurt you. They will discourage you. They never give mercy to those who don't hail Salih. All what they care about is polandball.


We aren't a totaliratian regime where you are FORCED to do what pleases us. You aren't bullied , you aren't witch hunted , we don't do shit to you , or to your mind. What makes you think that? What makes you think that we are such bad people , that we go to the point to fuck someone up so badly?

We only do our job and THAT'S it.

LordDane13’s note)

we only ban people with a reason. We are here to protect the game not hurt it. We won’t hurt you. Most good admins don’t abuse their powers. (most of us) don’t hail under Salih1 and we won’t force you to.we care about polandball but we care about the nonadmins too.