About Edit

VaskoDimitrov, aka Mario64gamer is a former administrator in Polandball RP and Game Creator of Polskaball RP.

Past of his Edit

VaskoDimitrov has a big small past. From first appearing in 2015, being a part of The Great Anti-Communism War of Polandball, and betraying Salih1, of which after that being betrayed by VladPisces, and after that Yugoslaviaball, then fixing relations with Salih1 and then starting a war of Polskaball RP againts Countryballs Realm. After which being attacked by Salih1, and being an leftover with salih1 being bad to him and trying to ruin Polskaball and setting everyone againts him.

Relations Edit

Friends: Edit

VladPisces, HappyLappi, DoctorTeeVee,Mustacheythenoob,Mustacheythenoob , A_AAer, Deadmau7EST,FreddyLox111, and most everyone else

Enemies: Edit

BaneKnight, Finlandd, Salih1


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