Vasko "Cock-Sucking Fag" Dimitrov is a highly fuctional autist who goes by the online name of "Mario64faggot". He is currently 11 years old and owns the now considered "mutual failure" game called Polskaball RP , a horribly known independent game.


VaskoDimitrov is known to have a personality of a whiney fucking brat , and one similiar to Ajit Pai , man who almost completly destroyed the internet. Lemme tell ya , this fag would do anything to influence you into his little kiddie rebellion group , from taking you to steak dinner to sucking your cock , this kid is far beyond a attention whore.


VaskoDimitrov (better known by his parents as "Daddy's Sugar Delivery") was born in September 11 , 2007. He was raised in the slumbs of Siberia , having nothing to eat. He primairly lived in a homeless charity center , and was always mistreated by his single drunk fat father , thus creating his previously mentioned bratty attitude. His father always spanked him (primairly in the ass) , and request sexual favours in exchange for food. These sexual favours consumed his mind , and had driven him crazy , to the point where he thought it was completly normal to suck dicks.

Introductions with PBRP

After a long hour of mutual oral sex with a 51 year old man , he was exchanged and given a windows XP 2001 trash laptop , that could only run PornHub and ROBLOX. Vasko had started playing ROBLOX prostutition games roleplaying games. His first roleplay game was polandball roleplay. Although he was a decent player at first , he witnessed many revolutions. He decided that it would be a good idea to join and to gain attention from salih kun salih and the admins. His plan was a success.


nowadays vasko is still sucking dicks and manipulating people to join his "cause" and screaming at salih like a fucking retard and fucks goats