This is an explanation to all people that left the community.

I am not targeting anyone directly with this, i am simply explaining why owners,superadmins,etc and og people left

the community.


Let's start with the fact of griefs and drama everyday. People fabricate griefs drama, and even the owner himself faked suicide and created 2 hackers, but this is not only on him, some people make drama and be stupid and unlogical for no reason at all.

You want to know really why alot of people left the community?

People like spoilerguy, meepling, cjbice,etc. People that actually tried to act logical and make a better community left because of the childish 6 years old that say "ihatepulandball" and make a rebellion, and people let them do it, even some support it. Most of us left because we had enough of hurting our head over something that can't be saved. That's the explanation for why the OG people left, because we tried to save something

that was lost before it even started. I'm really happy that some people in PBRP still have some sense of logic, and are abit mature, but most of them are now even having enough and taking breaks away. Drama was daily and we were too forgiving, if someone screwed up 10 times, we let them come back, only to ruin everything again. That's the reason why it never worked out, we tried to put politics, we tried to forgive unforgivable stuff, and some of us acted too childish and couldn't roleplay properly and just were there to ruin the game. This isn't a rebellion, this isn't an attack, this is an explanation and truth. Hope you all understand

F to:

Cjbice, SpoilerGuy, Meepling, BlackZacblox..and many other people that left. We all hope PBRP one days saves itself!