Lord Dane13 is a rebel on PBRP 


Starclones, tswany, captinrexrulz deadmau, most of the superadmins turk1shgamer,Vasko, Toast of undead Most Rebels


Salih1, Elanve robeerto

History On PBRP

Lord joined pbrp in august, he was bossed around by terraria and AAAer. he played pbrp till September then he left for a month and came back in November, he saw Anthony dragon blade get pbanned and started to hate bane. he joined discord in November and the day later HHAAQ took the server over than a new server arose "polandball Island" he joined the server and got admin that November. than after admin interviews in the fall of terraria pro Lord got superadmin along with xolbor and starclones. the salih1 is hhaaq and cjbice the one who had superadmined him got demoted with the proof seen below he started to play pbrp less and less he took a break when star and elanve became owner. Starclones would rebel and lord would take his spot as owner in February/march hestopped playing pbrp for about 3 weeks UD2 got deleted and he joined the fallen pbrp republic owned by tswany. After starclones got pbanned Lord found other intrest and broke He left salih1 and spoke out he wrote "Turkish Logan Paul" (parody of Asian Jake Paul) he has shown hatred and was demoted to nonadmin and ranked criminal he joined polskaball and plays pvz battle grounds.