Salih1 and Polandball Roleplay. Edit

salih1 is the creator of Polandball Roleplay. The only good one. He will soon be leaving ROBLOX to whatever so time. This could cause chaos in Polandball Roleplay. As one of the talented 5, this is stunning to see that Salih1 really means he is leaving ROBLOX, We currently do not know when he returns.

The safety of Polandball Roleplay. Edit

The safety of Polandball is currently unknown, bolshvieksofPBRP has already taken over the game. salih1 is the only one capable of taking him down. There could be a gamewide shutdown of Polandball aswell, but resting assured. Polandball is doomed.

Salih1's Quote on his Profile: Edit

"I am leaving roblox and this time i mean it! Happy now people? hope your cartoon frog is happy!" ~ salih1

This is a line to doom Polandball Roleplay and possibly the Polandball ROBLOX franchise.

My best regards, I just hope you return salih1." ~ BlackZacblox Edit

Your return awaits us.

just kidding hes coming back, he prankkked us VVV


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