DoctorTeeVee was an infamous revolutionary deist, optimist, and idealist against various things. DoctorTeeVee was usually playing “against the rules” due to the fact he is “a free human being” like the rest. He usually plays as Canadaball in Polandball RP, or unless Canada is token, he plays as “Niagaraball”, “Avalitangle”, “Gieguetangle”, "Olympictangle", and other various Country/Polandballs.

First Apperance Edit

The first time DoctorTeeVee joined PBRP, he played as the well known Polandball. The exact date he joined has not been confirmed- yet. Doctor's first morph he tried on is on the right, drawn by the creator Salih1 himself.

He did ask why there was no Canadaball. (He was willing to be it) Someone said "it was grieved" or "it was accidentally deleted". We are not 100% sure what happened that day (unless some people who were there still remember), but all what Doctor remembered was it was some sort of survival or camp RP. The first 2 admins he knew the first time he joined was "iGalexHD" and "ItsLio". DoctorTeeVee's second appearance was Reichtangle, Polandball's nemesis.

First Custom Morph Edit

Rsz canada countryball

Obviously, he wanted to be Canada. So he did. He got his morph straight from Google Images. At first, nobody saw DoctorTeeVee's morph due to a glitch after it was moderated and approved. DoctorTeeVee discontinued using this morph after created his own Canada, with a dark origin.

First F3X Crime Edit

After his third or fourth Office RP, and probably the third time DoctorTeeVee joined, he pulled his F3X out, and for curiosity, he deleted an entire city with just one click, trying to get everyone's attention. (Stupid idea) The people who were in the RP were affected and in confusion, causing the Office RP to stop and the server shutting down. This was the beginning of DoctorTeeVee becoming an unimportant threat to Polandball RP.

Second Custom Morph Edit

Oie transparent (17)

After about more than 2 times abusing F3X, he got kicked or banned for some reason. (I believe it was because DoctorTeeVee thought the rules were too strict and the non-admins where being treated unfairly) While he was banned, he made his own morph. It was a dark, beaten up, dystopian version of Canadaball, with his raccoon hat. When Doctor was able to get back on PBRP, he used this morph and told the admin that this is "what he became" and "I am what you did to me", and told them "Change the way this game works, and maybe the good ol' me will come back."

Becoming a Mod Edit

One day, DoctorTeeVee somehow became Mod. This time he did not grief or mess up, until one day he had enough of what he felt about the "New Polandball Government". He started writing his own book in RP.


Anti-Undertale Propaganda: A propaganda decal that represents hate towards the game called "Undertale". It mostly criticizes Undertale's fandom. For being really stupid and cringy.

DoctorTeeVee and Eignairt

DoctorTeeVee and Digo88 - Andromedian Canada Origins

A_AAer's "Betrayal": And event in the history of PBRP. This event is when A_AAer quit PBRP.

Apperances in YouTube Videos

"Anti-Terraria" Parties: Events that happen in PBRP randomly. These events mean hate towards Terrariapro587. Mostly about him abusing his admin powers.

And many more!

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